Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Sound of the Chant

Megillah is the Hebrew word for scroll. On Purim, the Festival of Lots, we chant the story of Queen Esther and King Ahashverus. (Purim began last night.)

Megillat Esther tells the story of the salvation of the Jews of the Persian Empire.

When chanted, the scroll of Esther has a particular lilting sound that is repetitive with strong cadences.

Last week, the chanting began with my grandson's practicing his four lines over and over again.

Then he recruited his siblings to chant with him (in Hebrew) the same four lines in the car on their way to school.

By the time he actually chanted his portion at his school's Megillat Esther reading, it was spinning in my head and attached to my heart.

The Megillah took on a new childlike sing-song rhythm. The story is just a story. When chanted, it is a Disney classic.

Chag sameach! Have a happy, happy Purim.

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