Saturday, March 22, 2014

Details and Essence

Yesterday I misplaced my phone charger. Today I forgot to take my apartment keys. Tomorrow I will undoubtedly confront a new debacle.

How can it be otherwise? So many daily details invade our existence. If a scrabble word piece alludes us, we pronounce defeat or incompetence.cWe stand on guard for our lives.

How can our fortitude in the face of these mini-monsters be less than a miracle?

For all the things I do remember. For all the things I choose to forget. For all the things that turn out right. For all the times I accomplish a difficult task. For all these ordinary and extraordinary occasions, I stand in conscious and consistent gratitude.

Yesterday, I navigated the DC courthouse and found my way to a new destination. Today, I engaged in a smart conversation. Tomorrow, I will research an awakening opportunity.

The minutiae of my life continues to baffle and befriend me, but so does its essence.

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