Friday, April 27, 2012

Mind Your Thoughts

Persistent positive thoughts pave the way towards powerful deeds.

Grasp gratitude graciously. Determine your daily desire. Pierce into the heart of your prayer.

Mind them.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Not Everything Went My Way

Not everything went my way today.

A client cancellation. A missed phone call. A delayed medical appointment. An unexpected bill. A misplaced document.

Not everything went my way today.

The rainy forecast never came. A thank you note appeared in my mail box. My neighbors came in for tea and cookies. A deep conversation evolved with someone I hardly knew.

Like any day, it holds both opportunity and an attitude of acceptance.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Freedom to Be Together: My Passover Message

It is a long journey into the two nights of questioning, but with no other place to be, an overflowing food buffet, and an abundance of wine and grape juice, my family celebrated the blessing of Passover togetherness.

As we entered the Exodus story, the grandchildren performed an impromptu play and became  the Hebrew slaves who invaded Pharaoh’s palace. Moses and Aaron led the “Occupy the Palace” protest.

Moses (played by Ilana, my nine year old granddaughter who was costumed in a flowing robe, a magic stick, and last year’s rubber snake) entreated Pharaoh in Biblical style: “Let my people go!” Seconds later, three-year-old Benjamin moved towards Sivan, the twelve-year-old Pharaoh, with a voice that reached to Egypt and beyond, repeated the mantra: “Let my people go!”

Soon, the masses (all 12 children present) followed Benjamin’s call for freedom, and within minutes, Pharaoh relinquished control over his slaves with the final command: “Go! Get out of my sight!”

Hallelujah! Together we fled the land of our constriction and misery, and together we crossed over the Red Sea and sang the final song of gratitude. Next year let us be together again in freedom.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Rainbow Connection

When was the last time you saw a double rainbow? A rainbow so bold and so bright that you believed again in the Creator.

It was five o’clock in the afternoon, and we were methodically putting together Hebrew phrases before chanting the Torah blessings. Isaac will have  his bar mitzvah in a few months.

“Look! A rainbow,” he said and bolted from the table to the window and then to the front door.

I followed swiftly in search of his rainbow connection. He couldn’t get enough rainbow time, and I couldn’t get enough of him getting enough rainbow time.

If only I could transfer his exuberance for the rainbow to his Torah.

The rainbow’s arch filled the sky. We captured the sign. Perhaps that was enough Torah for the day.

I wish for you all a meaningful Seder and a kosher Passover.