Friday, April 6, 2012

The Rainbow Connection

When was the last time you saw a double rainbow? A rainbow so bold and so bright that you believed again in the Creator.

It was five o’clock in the afternoon, and we were methodically putting together Hebrew phrases before chanting the Torah blessings. Isaac will have  his bar mitzvah in a few months.

“Look! A rainbow,” he said and bolted from the table to the window and then to the front door.

I followed swiftly in search of his rainbow connection. He couldn’t get enough rainbow time, and I couldn’t get enough of him getting enough rainbow time.

If only I could transfer his exuberance for the rainbow to his Torah.

The rainbow’s arch filled the sky. We captured the sign. Perhaps that was enough Torah for the day.

I wish for you all a meaningful Seder and a kosher Passover.

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