Thursday, May 2, 2013

Living Into Your Synchro-Destiny

When we open ourselves up to the world of coincidences, which are really not coincidences, we can move towards a myriad of possibilities in our lives.

Coincidences are clues from the universe that may illuminate our true destiny.

They happen all the time, but are we aware of them or are we afraid of them?

Can we learn to be more in “sync” with our own destiny?

During the week, catch yourself watching the coincidences in your life pass you by.

The puzzle will be revealed as you open yourself to the questions.

Look for all the improbable meetings, encounters, situations, circumstances and ask yourself. Why did this happen? What is the meaning behind this “coincidence"?

Share them with me. I could be the conduit for your new found synchro-destiny. 

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