Friday, May 31, 2013

A Weekly Intake

As I review my life’s week, I look for the moments and the people who inspired me, moved me, perplexed me, or required my full attention.

Did someone new appear as I traveled along my familiar path who caused me to reevaluate a deep desire or an uncommon thought?

Did I laugh with friends or cry with someone broken-hearted? Did I offer my service without asking for anything in return? Did I smile when I could have frowned? Did I talk to a stranger who looked confused? Did I go out of my comfort zone and still feel comfortable?

At night, did you forgive yourself and one other person for something you did or said that that clogged your soul?

As I review my life’s work, I am at peace if I did all of the above. 

1 comment:

Tamara Swerline said...

Wonderful words... did I forgive myself and one other. Even so... Amen!