Friday, December 3, 2010

The Maccabee Search: My Interpretation

What does it take for a human being to begin a search?

Imagine the Maccabees: They run towards the sanctity and safety of the Holy Temple. Fallen boards halt each footstep. The putrid smell of sacrificed pigs continues to melt above the simmering flame on the altar’s base. The damp, dark dungeon diminishes their vision and their dreams of reconciliation with their beloved spiritual home.

Yet, someone begins the search for light in this tomb of total blindness.

“Let us ignite the eternal light to bring back The Eternal One to us," a hopeful spirit spoke.

“Could a cruse of oil, blessed by the priests and sealed under their supervision, reside in this defiled space? And even if it did, how could we find it?" a skeptical spirit stuttered.

“Why don’t we just go home to our families and mourn the Temple’s disgrace?" a defeated spirit sighed.

No one knows how long it took the Maccabees to find that cruse of oil in the residual rubbish.

No one knows because no one cares how long the search took.

We only care that they found what they were looking for.

What does it take for a human being to start any search?

An inside miracle.

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