Friday, December 31, 2010

A Single Wish

I woke up this morning thinking about my single status and the coming New Year. Then, I realized that my wish for a first-class man is in the palm of our hands!

This year, I am asking for *your* help. I am reaching out to you, my community of friends and family to hold this Single Wish for me in your hearts.

Using our modern technologies, please sift through your Blackberry and iPhones, through your social networks and family connections and send me the names and e-mails of your choicest men who long to be in relationship with this petite package of passion, personality and philosophy.

I know you know someone!

Please call (202 731 2273) or email me directly: with the subject line: A Single Wish

Send me the name (s) of a few good men and tell me why you think they would be a good match.

You know me but do you know who am I looking for?

I am in search of an open hearted person who is accepting and inclusive in his world view.

A generous person who gives of his time, his money and his expertise to enhance the quality of life for those he loves.

A positive person who laughs a lot, likes to have fun, and is not afraid to be silly.

Did I mention the music? Singing, playing music, enjoying music is a plus.

Is there a reward involved?


What is it?

The reward will be commensurate with the gift bestowed.

Check my upcoming *Spiritualetters* to see what happens when we focus on this Single Wish.

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