Friday, May 9, 2014

Sabbath Peace in Diversity

I brought my braided challah, my Sabbath candles, and my desire to connect.

I was invited by my Hindu friend, Rukmini, to a Friday night get-together with her "spiritual" sisterhood. I hesitated. How would I perform my Sabbath rituals and practice?

"Bring them along," she encouraged. "Light the candles and say your prayers with us and for us. What a wonderful way to begin our conversation."

Nine feminine spirits circled the dinner table. With a few inward waves of my hands, the Divine light of the Shechinah hovered among us. Our four Sabbath candles kindled the way.

Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, American, Iranian, Egyptian, Peruvian.

We spoke of heartache, losses and dreams. We wrestled with vulnerabilities and imperfections. We shared personal pursuits and disappointments. We valued the deep listening. We paused and spoke our Sabbath peace for two hours. 

How is it that you can create a bold, full-roasted bond with women you just met?

How can you not?

My new sisterhood loved the Jewish concept of Sabbath ceasing for one whole day. Our host, Leslie, suggested a Sabbath on the farm for our next meeting.

I left with true nourishment, a room full of newly ordained sisters and a desire to taste this kind of Sabbath again.

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