Friday, January 31, 2014

Rewriting Your Memories

The Way We Were (lyrics by Marvin Hamlisch)

Could it be that life was so simple then?
Or has time rewritten every line?

Memories may be beautiful and yet
what's too painful to remember
we simply choose to forget

Memory is the story you create of the past that fits your needs for the present.

Your mind sifts through chosen moments in your life and scoops out the preferred details.

You have ultimate control and access when you decide which memories to store on your hard-drive.

We each have a story that defines us.  It may be a false history and an uncommon perspective, but it belongs to us, and we own it proudly and defiantly.

When you recall and subconsciously rearrange the active plot of your past, it becomes the truth of your present, for better, for worse, forever.

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