Friday, October 18, 2013

Spontaneous Blessing

Blessing is not a perfunctory act.

A blessing contains a premeditated, directed intention of significance and power unique to the blessed one.

Most often I am the blesser. I initiate this act of validation and confirmation with caution and caring. People expect it from their clergy.

So I was super surprised when a petite, dark-haired woman shuttled me under my friend’s wedding chuppahand dictated a blessing from the place of desire.

Her whole body swayed into mine as she cupped her hands over my head.  In fluent Hebrew she unhesitatingly offered up a prayer of God’s protection and guidance over me.

I felt it in my body. It landed on my heart. I immersed my soul in its sincerity.

Blessing is not a perfunctory act, but it can be most beautiful when it arrives spontaneously.

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