Friday, February 15, 2013

Souls in the Snow

The snow blanketed the hills of Maryland like a still life photo, as even and as crystal clear as the first snow of creation. The sun set sparkle to the weighted tree limbs, and the sound of the dripping down of the snow’s waters filled my ears with morning’s murmurings.

The occupants were asleep. Forever. The stones on top of their grey tombstones were in stark contrast to the newly whitened ground. The black walkways gave us easy access to the cemetery’s wide-open spaces.

We had come to purchase burial plots on Valentine’s Day for a beloved, for the near future, for perpetuity. An ordinary event in the life of a human being who knows that we do not live forever and that preparations need to be made.

We found a loving pathway into the heart of this soul-fulll cemetery as we carved our footprints into the solitary snow.

We would remember the welcoming snow today and, when the time to lay here in eternal peace arrived, we would remember again, this real-life picture. Perhaps, this is all we need to long for.

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