Friday, September 21, 2012

Writing on the Scrolls of Our Lives

Days are like scrolls: Write on them only what you want remembered. -Bahya Ibn Pakuda

“What is your goal for this New Year? Do you have a purpose that you want to define? What are your hopes?” 

My minyan consisted of men and women between the ages of 89 and 99.

One woman in a wheelchair prayed with her eyes closed, but the others were totally awake and aware at the assisted living facility where I offer a High Holiday medley of music and meaning at the beginning of every Jewish New Year.

I want to forgive everyone who has ever hurt me.

I want to tell my children that I love them forever even after I die.

I want to reconcile with my best friend.

I want to write the last chapter of my memoir the way I want it to end.

I want to live fully while I am still alive.

I want those whom I have loved and lost to rest in peace.

Today, we write on the scrolls that will be our Book of Life for the year ahead.

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