Friday, June 29, 2012

She Was One of God's Kind

Blessed is the Wise One who holds the Secrets according that there are no two faces which are alike and that their thoughts/opinions are not alike. -a 2000 year old blessing

Amanda Stang Weinberg died on June 13 at age 50 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She is survived by her husband, Howard, and her two children, Maya and Benjamin. I counted her as my dear friend.

She was One of God’s Kind.

A Tribute:

Her mother was my best friend and confidante. So when Amanda, her only child, offered to babysit our three “angelic” daughters, we accepted. Even then at the age of 16 Amanda was an atypical babysitter and woman-to-be. From bugtime to upside down popsicles, she brought her whimsical and quizzical demeanor to the girls’ playtime. They sat with Amanda and talked about life’s intricate designs. No make-up or Barbie doll games. Amanda was a no-frills, crunchy granola, birkenstock teenager who was more concerned with the internal mechanisms of the heart than the external packaging of a person’s physical being.

For the thirty five years that we knew her, Amanda did not stray from her authentic self. From college student to single lady in New York City to graduate school videographer to loving wife and mother, Amanda stayed on her life’s inner course. She was a woman of great character who dared to live according to her own scripture.

When the cancer arrived and stayed for five years, Amanda wrote another chapter entitled, "simple courage." Again, she did not shift her attitude on life or her moral compass. Maybe that is what kept us secure in her presence.

May her memory be a blessing and may her unique soulprint be forged in our hearts for eternity.

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