Friday, June 3, 2011

Safe and Sound

A few days ago my Gmail account was hacked and a bogus email was sent suggesting that I was in London and in need of money after having been robbed.

I knew of this scam since one of my friends had experienced this most recently.

I wasn’t happy about this inconvenience, but what I didn’t expect were the phone calls and text messages I received from friends and family from across the country concerned about my whereabouts. Some thought it could have happened, given my past history (robbed once in New York and once in Rehoboth Beach).

I heard from some acquaintances who felt an obligation to dispel this technological interference. Etiquette for the internet generation?

I felt obligated to answer each call politely and with gratitude even though I knew its content before the conversation began. After all, they took the time to call. Phone calls are becoming obsolete given our email and texting possibilities. Picking up the proverbial phone has become a last resort for communicating information.

People still care. When people see trouble coming, they offer comfort, aid and practical support without hesitation.

People still care. They thrive on a sense of what is right and what is wrong. They have a sense of fairness and justice.

People still care and for this my heart is glad.

Thank you all for being in my virtual community.
Just for your well being . . . I am back online safe and sound in the comfort of my living room still wishing I had a complimentary ticket to visit the royal couple in London.

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