Friday, April 8, 2011

The Field of Love/A Dedication

On my right sits the widowed grandfather. On my left sits the stepmother. We await the arrival of the bride and groom. Their entrance will signal a grand applause for this newlywed husband and wife.

"The next time I get married,” the ninety-three-year old gentleman states unabashedly, “I want to have a Jewish wedding. I want you to officiate. Will you?"

"Most certainly," I assert giggling like a schoolgirl. “How long was your first marriage?"

"My marriage with my late wife lasted 68 wonderful years," he reminisces.

The stepmother overhears our conversation.

"I might find you a special somebody," she states unabashedly. "Here’s my card. I am a professional matchmaker!"


The applause begins.

The young married couple takes to the dance floor.

I clap and sigh into the love field that is stretched before and beside and beyond.

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