Sunday, February 20, 2011

Requiem: 2000 - 2011

For eleven years you carried me to places known and unknown.

Only once did your battery die causing me to be late to a gathering of friends.

I hummed along with the music from your radio as I raced down city streets

Or waited through long traffic lights and highway construction detours.

You never complained. You never faltered. You never tired.

You accepted all of my passengers with a welcome outstretched front seat.

And in the winter, you turned on your heating pad to warm our bottoms and captivate our hearts.

The grandkids came with their car seats and strollers.

You clicked them in their safety belts securely and properly.

You had a special purring sound when driving them from school to home and back.

You didn’t mind the clutter, although you appreciated the vacuuming and the trips to the car wash.

After all, you had your pride!

I will miss your glamorous features.

Your sunroof. Your leather seats. Your high grade audio system.

But, most of all, I will miss the freedom you gave me to be me behind your wheel of adventure-making.

I thank you for carrying me on eagles wings with the gentleness of a dove.


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