Friday, November 5, 2010

The Modern Day Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby may have died alone, but because of the Beatles she was never forgotten. The song entitled "Eleanor Rigby" ends with the refrain:

All the lonely people.

Where do they all belong?

All the lonely people.

Where do they all come from?

Eleanor Rigby’s story continues to haunt me.

From the beginning of creation, God wanted to belong. One Midrash (rabbinic legend) imagines that after God created the physical world and saw that it was very good, God succumbed to an ethereal loneliness. The angels peeked in on him and heard a majestic quiet cry.

“Something is missing,” God mused. “I am disconnected from the very world I gave birth to. I need a connector. Where do I belong?”

Enter from above stage right, Adam and then Eve. The relationship between God and humankind began as a result of God’s loneliness. Belonging became a basic human need.

I often meet people who are disconnected from the world they live in. Their separateness and their loneliness pervade their daily lives.

Where do all the lonely people come from? Could it be that we have created Eleanor Rigby?

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