Friday, October 15, 2010

A Miner Miracle of Biblical Proportions

All 33 miners made aliyah from the bowels of the earth to the surface of the Chilean desert. My spirit was uplifted as they were lifted to safety in a man-made rocket ship created for this unprecedented rescue.

The descent and the ascent had all the makings of a biblical story and the inner journeys of many of our biblical heroes, such as Abraham, Jacob, Jonah and Moses.

Some journeys are chosen, and some are chosen for us. Our Kabbalists say all journeys have the power to elevate our self-awareness to our "human-being-ness."

We have ascended with the miners. We have witnessed a miracle no different than the splitting of the Red Sea.

In the 43rd Psalm the question is asked: Who will ascend into the hill of the Divine? And who will stand in His Holy place?

The Sages respond by commenting that while ascending is important, the real measure of a person's devotion is his "standing" before the Divine after having completed the ascent.

Several of the miners walked out of the "Phoenix" and fell to their knees in prayer.

They knew that the journey towards the Divine is the beginning of their self-awareness.

Where will we and they stand now that we have experienced this minor miracle? What will we stand for? Whom will we stand with? What is the next step in our spiritual formation?

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